What is a Green Room?

Many times we sit in a green room and wonder what really gave it it’s name. I personally did not know this myself. Was reading Brewer’s Theatre Phrase dictionary today and came across this piece of information.

Green Room: A backstage room in a theatre set aside for use by the cast and stage crew. The term was introduced in the late 17th century. Large theatres had several such rooms for relaxation, conversation and the reception of visitors before and after a performance. Such areas were traditionally painted green, thought it is also possible that the phrase was a corruption of the name ‘scene’ (scenery)

Ranga Shankara's green room - image from the Internet

Ranga Shankara’s green room – image from the Internet

In our own practice of theatre, actors and make up artists, costume people meet in the “green room” before and during the play to get ready and get their make up done. Green room is a term that has become associated with all the back stage activity such as the group huddle before the play and a meeting place for the players and the crew.

Bangalore Theatre Trivia: The great make up artist from Bangalore, a pioneer in many areas of theatre in Bangalore, B N Nani spend a lot of his time in the theatre with artists and directors on and back stage. His house is called Green Room. #Bangaloretheatretrivia


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