Writing all week!

I have been writing this whole week. As a teacher in a school, i write for plays for children, and have been slaving over a play announcing the arrival of the aryans into India. This play is for grade 05 children and I have to sometimes resort to regular writing, as there is not much time for devising. I began writing with a particular story, a rather good one about a boy called Bhimak and his friends. It is a story about a boy and his day in the post Kuruskshetra war survial in the little town of Varanvat.

I think I love the part of the research before writing the play, and the just how history opens up, and produces a possibility of weaving threads into a story. After I wrote the play, I enjoyed reading it, sharing it.

However, I felt it lacked something important. It lacked that overview, and that integration into history that is crucial for bringing in subjects into the integrated curriculum. So I began on a fresh sheet again, and what turned out, is a musical – not completely written, but nearly done.

I cannot want to wrap up this writing and actually begin the process of performance and acting.


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