Drama game to play on the bus + Ice cream flavours!

I find that quiet a few times on the bus back home from school, children want to play games and reach a dead end. Some drama based games have come in handy at these times. This is something that you can play with a few children only and not larger groups. It is an extended family member of the Dumb Charades game that we all know and love. Here is how it is played.

In my sewing kit

The group are split into pairs and told to stand by their imaginary sewing kit. When the leader orders the group to start, one person from each pair must open their sewing kit (a box, or basket for example) and take out invisible objects from their kit. This could include needles, materials, thread etc and should be done as quick as possible with their partner encouraging them to keep going. Once they have paused for more than 10 seconds they swap over and the other person repeats this. All of the items taken from the sewing basket must be mimed and shared with their partner.


Today:  Was most thrilled to take that step forward with the kids from prep. After about three months of plinth-ing our relationship, we explored some regular, acting bits in class, and I am so surprised to note that in three months, these children have amassed so much confidence and keenness about the arts. I was working today with a few children who are very new to the school, and are about 5 years old. So, we were working on emotional responses and reacting with gestures and bodily stances. I would toss out words and situations, and the children would act them out. At one point of time, it became clear that children were ending up copying each other’s way of reaction. Nothing wrong with it, since I too had not told them to go beyond and explore themselves in my interaction.

In a bit I explained that like the different flavours of ice cream are expressions of the same dish, there may be different ways in which we can express the same feeling? Then the children began their own trials of the same, and it produced various expressions of different feelings. I wish I could show you with pictures. Unfortunately, they are not possible at the moment.

Exit Stage!


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