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Play for Beginners: Cinderella


Based on Roald Dahl’s Cinderella

For Drama Beginners

Stage Clear. Music Comes on.

All stage hands and three narrators gather around the narrators as the story begins.

Narrator 1:                                                 I guess you think you know this story.

(All stage hands nod their heads.)

Narrator 2:                                       You don’t.

(All stage hands look towards the main actor)

(NARRATOR 3):                              The real one’s much more gory.

(All stage hands go… making gory faces)

Narrator 1:                                                The phoney one, the one you know,

Was cooked up years and years ago,

Narrator 2:                                                And made to sound all soft and sappy

NARRATOR 3:                                 Just to keep the children happy.

(All stage hands go..awwww, so cute, sigh!)

Narrator 1:                                                Mind you, they got the first bit right,

The bit where, in the dead of night,

Narrator 2:                                                The Ugly Sisters,

Ugly Sisters:                                    jewels and all,

Narrator 2:                                      Departed (Claps her hands) for the Palace Ball,

(Narrators become chariot)

NARRATOR 3:                                 While darling little Cinderella,

(Sitara Ramanna comes walking in with a red chair and Cindy  gets on top of it)

Was locked up in a slimy cellar,

Cindy :                                             (Sigh) This is sooo sad.

NARRATOR 3:                                 Little Cinderella

Was locked up in a slimy cellar

Narrator 1:                                      Where rats who wanted things to eat,

Began to nibble at her feet.

Cindy :                                             Shoo! Help! Let me out!

Narrator 2:                                                The magic fairy heard her shout!

NARRATOR 3:                                 Appearing in a blaze of light

He said,

Fairy God Father :                         My dear, Are you alright?

Cindy :                                             All right? Can’t you see?

I feel as rotten as rotten can be.

Narrator 1:                                      She beat her fist against the wall and shouted…

Cindy :                                             Get me to the palace Ball

Music:                                     Some Bee Gees number

Cindy :                                             There is a disco in the palace


The rest have gone and I am jalous!

I want a dress! I want a coach!

And earrings and a diamond brooch!

And silver slippers, two of those!

And lovely bedazzled clothes!

Done up like that I’ll guarantee

The handsome Prince will fall for me!

Narrator 2:                                                The Fairy said,

Fairy God Father :                         Hang on a tick.

NARRATOR 3:                                 He gave the magic wand a mighty flick                                                        And quickly, in no time at all,

Narrator 1:                                                Cindy was at the Palace Ball!

Music:                                               Waltz

Narrator 2:                                      It made the Ugly Sisters wince, to see her dancing with the Prince.

NARRATOR 3:                                 She held him very tight and pressed /herself against his manly chest.

Narrator 1:                                      The Prince himself was turned to pulp, All he could do was gasp and gulp.

Prince :                                            Wait a sec, let me catch a breath.. am seeing spots, am I close to death?

Narrator 2:                                                Then midnight struck.

Sound Effect:                                   Clock Striking 12

Narrator 2:                                                Cindy shouted,

Cindy :                                             Heck! I’ve got to run to save my neck!’

NARRATOR 3:                                 The Prince cried…

Prince :                                            No! Alas! Alack!

NARRATOR 3:                                 He grabbed her dress to hold her back.

As Cindy shouted,

Cindy :                                             Let me go!

Narrator 1:                                      The dress was ripped from head to toe.

She ran out in her underwear,

Narrator 2:                                                And lost one slipper on the stair.

The Prince was on it like a dart,

NARRATOR 3:                                 He pressed it to his pounding heart,

Prince :                                            The girl this slipper fits,

NARRATOR 3:                                 he cried,

Prince :                                            Tomorrow morn shall be my bride!

I’ll visit every house in town

Until I’ve tracked the maiden down!

NARRATOR 3:                                 Then rather carelessly, I fear,

He placed it on a crate of beer.

Narrator 1:                                                At once, one of the Ugly Sisters,

The one whose face was blotched with blisters

UGS1:                                               that means you (to UGS2)

UGS2:                                               no you…

Narrator 1:                                                It is not her or her.. but the both of you

(Actor brings a barrel – UGS1 and UGS2 go around like they are playing dog and the bone)                                              

Sneaked up and grabbed the dainty shoe,

Narrator 2:                                                And quickly flushed it down the loo.

Sound Effect:                                   Flush of the Loo

Then in its place she calmly put

The slipper from her own left foot.

UGS1:                                               Evil Laugh!

NARRATOR 3:                                 Next day, the Prince went charging down

To knock on all the doors in town.

Narrator 1:                                                In every house, the tension grew.

Who was the owner of the shoe?

Narrator 2:                                                Thousands of eager people came

To try it on, but all in Narrator 3in.

NARRATOR 3:                                 Now came the Ugly Sisters’ go.

One tried it on. The Prince screamed,

Prince :                                            No!

NARRATOR 3:                                 But the sister screamed,

UGS1:                                               Yes! It fits! Whoopee! – So now you’ve got to marry me!

Narrator 1:                                      The Prince went white from ear to ear.

He muttered,

Prince :                                            Let me out of here.

UGS1:                                               Oh no you don’t! You made a vow!

There’s no way you can back out now!

Prince :                                            Off with her head!

Narrator 2:                                                The Prince roared back.

They chopped it off with one big whack.

This pleased the Prince. He smiled and said,

Prince :                                            She’s prettier without her head.’

NARRATOR 3:                                 Then up came Sister Number Two,

Who yelled,

UGS2:                                               Now I will try the shoe!

Prince :                                            Try this instead!

NARRATOR 3:                                 the Prince yelled back.

He swung his trusty sword and smack

Her head went crashing to the ground.

It bounced a bit and rolled around.

Narrator 1:                                                In the kitchen, peeling spuds,

Cinderella heard the thuds

Narrator 2:                                                Of bouncing heads upon the floor,

And poked her own head round the door.

Cindy :                                             What’s all the racket?

Narrator 2:                                                Cindy cried.

Prince :                                            Mind your own bizz,

Narrator 2:                                                the Prince replied.

Poor Cindy’s heart was torn to shreds.

Cindy :                                             My Prince!… He chops off heads!

How could I marry anyone

Who does that sort of thing for fun?

Narrator 1:                                                The Prince cried,

Cindy :                                             Who’s this dirty One??

Push her around, just for fun!

Narrator 1:                                                Just then, all in a blaze of light,

The Magic Fairy hove in sight,

And said swoosh and swish

Fairy God Father :                         Cindy! make a wish!

Wish anything and have no doubt

That I will make it come about!’

Cindy :                                             Oh kind Fairy,

This time I shall be more wary.

No more Princes, no more money.

I have had enough of people who act funny.

I’m wishing for a decent man.

Are they hard to find ? Do you think you can?’

Narrator 2:                                                Within a minute, Cinderella

(Talia appears)

Narrator 2:                                                Was married to a lovely feller,

A simple jam-maker by trade,

Who sold good home-made marmalade.

Their house was filled with smiles a    nd laughter

And they were happy ever after.


Curtain Call