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Sunday Reading # 2

Second reading today at UAF. We have decided to keep it free for all. We want the children to have fun listening to stories being read aloud. After a lot of search, found the right book for it. Sweet and Salty. I found this book left alone at a book donation drive. No one to pick it up? I was there! I sat alone in a corner reading… and soon I got so much attention, because i was almost rolling on the floor laughing. It was hilarious!

This book is written by Sandhya Rao and published by Tulika Books.

The famous storyteller, Gorannagaru, is in the village to recite the Ramayana. Bangaramma forces her husband, Penchilayya, to attend. Tired and sleepy, he goes quite unwillingly – and finds the stories sweet one night, salty another! Bangaramma is intrigued . . . A gentle folktale from Andhra Pradesh about the magic of stories. The illustrations derive from the style of and colours used for making the traditional Kondapalli toys of Andhra Pradesh.

We had a rip roaring time laughing and listening to the trials of Penchalayya of Narasanpeta. Please pick up a copy of this book here.


Sunday Reading # 1 – A Friend for Bolton the Lion

Anu and I were looking forward to read the play – A friend for Bolton the Lion. We began having fun reading the script together. We read it out to some friends, and decided to open out the reading to others as well. Soon heard the thrilling news from the agents of the playwrights Erik Schaffler and Uwe Schade who gave us permission to read plays for children.

The script was really fun and collaborating with Anu was really interesting too. After nearly 20 years, we got back on stage together. It was the first reading for children at our new space – Untitled Space.

My friend Lovise watched as did my father. It was just the best morning… getting back on stage as an actor .. I felt at home… I felt free…

Anu and I realised that this was something we had to do for children. Read stories to them every month. So we have begun our work. We will be reading the next month on 5 March 2017. Get ready!